CATI Fieldwork

Velviem is “the CATI specialist”
Our 20 + German native speaker’s interviewers are ready for your challenges.
You ask 100%, we survey and bring you results 1000%.

And if you are still not impressed by us, we are proud to let you know, that besides market research, with our highly skilled and experienced team we provide you the following services as well:

– Customer Service

Show your customer you really care! We go above and beyond to keep your customer happy, whether that means resolving any issues, or answering any questions, we are always there with a positive attitude and energy.

We go with the motto “Happy customer, always comes again”.

– Translations

You need a quick, but professional translation, let our experienced translators take care of that.

Your advantage

With our decentralised fieldwork in local Velviem International hubs and long standing certified partnerships, CATI projects are reliably and efficiently implemented simultaneously.

The central hosting of CATI scripting, sample management and VoIP telephony enables efficiency, and complete transparency in data collection, high-quality surveys, consistency and traceable databases for your projects.

Our international structure provides a broad base for linguistic and cultural diversity – Through our international hubs we are able to cover 50% of the world population and 75% of the languages around the world with native interviewers.

The technology

Field Management
& Quality control

Sit back and relax and let our dedicated project team handle your CATI studies.


Additional Services

Your all-inclusive CATI fieldwork from the Questionnaire to the data. Programming & Hosting, Questionnaire & OEs translation into 30+ languages, Coding and much more…

Did we call?

Your telephone display indicates that one of our numbers has tried to reach you several times.

Velviem International Research Services GmbH conducts telephone surveys at a national and international level for various clients. For representative surveys your telephone number is selected and called using a mathematical random process. It can occur that numbers are selected that are neither listed in the telephone book nor on the internet. We merely have a telephone number at hand; without any further information whatever. Your participation is, of course, voluntary.

Since 01.07.2009 research institutes are committed to display the caller’s number on the telephone when calling for market research purposes. The persons being called can then, even if the call has not been taken – e.g. due to absence – establish the identity of the research institute which has called, or is calling concerning the implementation of a telephone interview for the purposes of market and social research.

We guarantee you that you are being contacted for the sole purpose of market and social research and that the possibility of their being any intention of selling you something on the telephone is absolutely out of the question.