Experienced Interviewer / Part-time supervisor (20 hours per week)

Skopje – Macedonia

Your tasks

  • Establishing contact with potential respondents both in the professional field as well as with consumers.
  • Conducting high-quality, structured interviews with the aim of creating a pleasant conversational atmosphere
  • Conducting customer satisfaction and customer loyalty surveys
  • Supervision of the interviewers
  • Assessment and monitoring of interviewers

Your profile

  • At least 1 year of experience as an interviewer
  • Must be ready for stints in the evening hours and on Saturdays
  • Willing to learn and willingness to work in previously-unknown subject areas
  • High degree of accuracy
  • MS Office skills

Our offer

  • Long-term opportunities for work in a professional market research company with an open and friendly atmosphere
  • Individual & work-oriented induction
  • Commensurate salary

Experienced Interviewer / Part-time supervisor (20 hours per week) Aplication Form

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Velviem International Research Services GmbH conducts telephone surveys at a national and international level for various clients. For representative surveys your telephone number is selected and called using a mathematical random process. It can occur that numbers are selected that are neither listed in the telephone book nor on the internet. We merely have a telephone number at hand; without any further information whatever. Your participation is, of course, voluntary.

Since 01.07.2009 research institutes are committed to display the caller’s number on the telephone when calling for market research purposes. The persons being called can then, even if the call has not been taken – e.g. due to absence – establish the identity of the research institute which has called, or is calling concerning the implementation of a telephone interview for the purposes of market and social research.

We guarantee you that you are being contacted for the sole purpose of market and social research and that the possibility of their being any intention of selling you something on the telephone is absolutely out of the question.